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Bernard A. Lietaer on Monetary blind spots and structural solutions

A lecture where a Belgian central banker combines money, biomass, complex systems, and chartalism -- he compares Kansas City to Siberia under the Soviets -- seems pretty implausible, but here it is. Yves linked to the third part, but I figure listening to it all with my coffee is sure better than listening to NPR, which I wouldn't do anyhow. Oh, and "Never talk about money."

It really does seem to me that there are (small but) increasing numbers of people who are so worried, or exasperated, or altruistic, that they just decided to let 'er rip and speak the truth as they see it. This guy's definitely burnt his bridges with the committee that hands out the so-called Nbbel Prize for Economics! Here's part one; there are five in all.

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