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Beltway culture of impunity

What the real Glenn said:

The reason Bush officials have believed they can simply break the law with complete impunity is because the Beltway culture in which they operate believes that. Most importantly, our media stars absolutely believe that, that lawbreaking by the most powerful [Republican, eh?] political officials who rule their world is not real lawbreaking, even when they are convicted in a court of law -- after ample due process and with the best legal defense team which Marty Peretz and Fred Thompson could help pay for -- of committing multiple felonies.


These guys are Banana Republicans. This country could turn into Argentina or Guatemala for all these guys care, so long as they hang onto their privileges, or manage to scuttle away with a big bag of loot over their shoulders:

Every Monday morning, a group gathers outside Argentina's federal courts in Buenos Aires. Their numbers shrink each year, their hair has grayed, their children have likely moved abroad. Yet the group, Memoria Activa, says it will not stop until those responsible for the July 18, 1994 terrorist attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, a Jewish community center, are punished. Nine years since a car bomb took 85 lives and shattered hundreds more, justice remains a distant hope.

When Argentina was plunged under military rule, twisted justice was dealt by disappearance, torture and summary execution. Even after that traumatic period in the nation's history, impunity remained the legal norm. While imprisoning the junta's few leaders in 1983, President Raul Alfonsin pardoned lower ranking officers and soldiers; the torturers and murderers whose hands broke flesh.

We really are going to need a Truth and Reconcilation Commission in this country after (well, if) the Bush Regime surrendurs power. It would be nice to think that the Dems have the stomach for it.

UPDATE And what Avedon said:

if Libby were a Democrat, no one - and I mean no one - would have been arguing whether or not Libby should get jail or a pardon; they'd be arguing about whether Libby should get jail or be executed for treason. It should also be remembered that Clinton's prosecutors were highly-partisan Republicans, while Fitzgerald is not a Democrat, but a Republican appointee.

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Actually, I updated that paragraph because it seems Fitzgerald isn't technically a Republican, he's registered as "uncommitted". He was appointed by a Republican, though.

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Also, I missed the (bad) nuance of "loyal," as in "loyal Bushie."

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

Awesome turn of phrase. Even better than "Weapons of Mass Deception."

I encourage every reader to borrow it for their own conversations and blogs. It's contagious enough to make it into MSM usage.