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As below, so above

Wonderful writing and spectacular photos at Detroit Blog about Helen Turner's White Grove Restaurant. Go read the whole thing. This is what she's seeing out the window and at the tables:

She’s behind the counter at White Grove Restaurant, a tiny, genuinely retro diner on Second Avenue near Charlotte, in Detroit’s skid row. Her customers are the city’s underclass — addicts, prostitutes, the homeless and the insane. They spend their days aimlessly roaming their neighborhood here like zombies, slowly killing time and themselves, waiting for the next handout or the next quick score.

“They’re so wrapped up in themselves, they don’t notice anything around them except themselves and what they want,” Martin says.

“They’re petty thieves,” Martin says. “Really, they’ll steal anything. They’ll get it out of the garbage can.” Sometimes they bring in anything shiny or metallic, figuring it must be worth something. “They come to me with this stuff, they don’t even know what it is,” he says.

Just like the banksters!

These poor lost souls damage only themselves and a few people around them. The banksters destroy entire cities and countries. Those rich lost souls too are "so wrapped up in themselves," and they too will "steal anything."

Steal a loaf of bread and go to jail. Steal trillions, buy the government, and run the country. Yay!

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