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Bees make honey -- finally

Science Daily:

In a study published in the new journal from the Society for Applied Microbiology: Environmental Microbiology Reports, scientists from Spain analysed two apiaries and found evidence of honey bee colony depopulation syndrome (also known as colony collapse disorder in the USA). They found no evidence of any other cause of the disease (such as the Varroa destructor, IAPV or pesticides), other than infection with Nosema ceranae. The researchers then treated the infected surviving under-populated colonies with the antibiotic drug, flumagillin and demonstrated complete recovery of all infected colonies.

Good news!

There are few pleasures in life greater than standing in one's garden and simply watching the bees at work. moving from flower to flower -- though watching others work is always a pleasure... Last year, bumblebees had moved into the honeybees' niche. We'll see if that changes this year.

NOTE Via Yves.

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