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In May or June, I had only bumble-bees, even though I had a reasonable quantity of flowers (lots of marigolds, from flats, round the perimeter of the tomato patch and the garden itself).

But now that it's almost August (where did the time go?) I notice that I've got as many bumble-bees as before, and lots of honey-bees as well. That's encouraging!

It could be that plants that honey-bees favor have now flowered -- the mint, tarragon, tomatoes, squash, and cukes, along with Bee Balm and pinks I got from the Church sale and the farmer's market -- but I prefer to think that something's gone right, and that there seem to be more honeybees because there are more honeybees.

Heck, maybe the budget crisis has caused roadside weed spraying to get cut back (though, to be fair, I can't find a link).

Oh, the bees became really evident when I weeded and staked my cucumber patch in The Battle Of The Crabgrass (more anon). Suddenly, there was a wall of yellow cuke flowers, and the bees loved that.

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Is someone in the neighborhood keeping them? If so, you could have a new best friend. If you see someone in a fat karate Elvis suit, follow them home. And keep bail money handy in case there's a misunderstanding.


Seriously, that's great. Bees cheer a person up. Unless they're chasing you.