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Because Videos Of Kittens Is Not Enough To Save Us... Here's Bil Lepp...

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The legendary National Storyteller, and five-time West Virginia Liars' Club Award-Winning Liar, Bil Lepp, tells us what happens when he tries to teach his extraordinary dog, Buck, to be a hunting dog. Disaster and hilarity ensues.

To sum-up after the electrical hang-up: there was the eight-ton snowball, my 40-foot tongue, the bare-naked Jay-bird, me-- as naked as that Jay-bird, the buck-naked bear, and bare-naked Buck all hanging from that high-tension power line. And then things started to happen..."

Click right here--> via Bil Lepp's Myspace video page, "Buck Ain't No Or­di­nary Dog."

We all need a solid, long-term rolling laugh, and this is the prescription for the weekend.

Bil Lepp is one of America's absolute greatest Storytellers, an unrepentant, and fabulous liar. He's also a wonderful Liberal.

Here's Bil Lepp's Website.


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