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Because poor people deserve to freeze to death


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to the Republicans that he could be just as draconian as they could be.

He did this a couple months after extending the Bush Tax Cuts, further enriching the wealthy, slipping a small shiv in the backs of the lowest earners by making them pay more than they paid in 2010, and making sure the hedge fundies would continue to be taxed at a ridiculously low rate.

When his budget came out, I commented that Obama was forcing the states to set up death panels: By choosing who would get heating or cooling funds, some on the edge would die.

The HuffPo's headline in mid-February read, "Obama's Budget Proposal: Cuts to Target Working Poor, Middle Class and Student," however, that leaves out the seniors and un- and DISemployed who also can't afford much heat in the winter or AC in the summer.

Now, he's out in the Midwest making noises about taking care of people. The lying liar.