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Because Dreaming is Not Enough (Vlog 1-23-08)

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CLICK the pic to the left to find yourself magically transported to a page hosting my latest MTV Street Team '08 video, which was shot in Eugene, Oregon at a Martin Luther King Jr rally and march on January 21, 2008.

All shooting, editing, and sleeplessness by Nezua.

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Submitted by MJS on

Great video--you let your subjects talk (how unusual is that?). Artfully shot too, if I may be so bold.

Me and the Mrs. have been up in Portland for the past week. We were in NE Portland on MLK Day--there was a large turnout at a couple of churches. I believe there are still many who will pass the torch of awareness, if not outright activism.

Nezua: keep on keepin' on.


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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i didn't have to watch an ad. that's great.

nice work, nezua. those kids did good, they seemed real and intelligent and serious, in the good way.

/pulls shawl tighter, pushes glasses up nose, rocks back in chair/

i am so old.

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Submitted by nezua limón xol... on

thanks MJS...wild how close you were, portland and such. i appreciate the words on the video. and i hear you. keep the faith. :)


yeah, CD, the lack of an ad on that is good. thank you for the stroke. and the kids did do well.

amazing how quickly we become something other than The Youth, eh? i remember when the talk of Generation X was all we heard. but thats okay. because maybe generation x needed more mentors. now we can become them. if we are so ambitious! jeje. me, i'm just a bigmouth with a camera. :)

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