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Because Benghazi!

Of course, this latest tidal wave of bullshit wouldn't be happening if the Democrats had been the party -- and Obama the President -- so many deluded souls thought they would be in 2009. The Democrats could have driven a stake into the Republican heart and given the country the New Deal it needed. They gave them a hand up, let them back in the game, and here we are. Still paying for it.

NOTE I don't mean the Democrats or the Democratic nomenklatura are paying for it; they're doing very well for themselves, thank you very much.

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I think Talking Heads were better. ;-). How about Psycho Killer or Life During Wartime.

Yep, the main goal of the Obama presidency was to rehab the Republicans. Dems needed to go back to the "they're turning the country into a corporatocracy and we can't do anything to stop them!" era. It would destroy the illusion if the Demos went as right wing as the Republicans, but that's where our govt wants to be. If not for Katrina, the Dems wouldn't have even had to take the prez spot.

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... but Benghazi is so awesomely brain-stopped that "I wanna be sedated!" strikes me as a more appropriate response.

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I'd really like a one- or two-word dismissal because it's only going to get more intense; it's going to be all Benghazi, all the time from the Republicans, and he's she's a liberal because he's she's black a woman from the Democrats. I mean, that's so obviously the play that the Dems have Warren as Plan B. Not that I have any problems with Warren on policy, aside from her lack of support for single payer, her hawkishness on Iran, and phony war on the banksters.

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I don't think this counts as a called shot as much as recognizing the obvious, but I think it's held up pretty well:

Same thing with health care reform. The constant refrain was socialism even though it was a modest tweak of the existing system and is such a big fat nothingburger that no one who voted for it is even hinting at it on the campaign trail.

The GOP was never going to cooperate on anything. It would never be "bipartisan" no matter what. It would not be moderate no matter what. It would always be socialism. It would never be deliberately passed no matter what. It would always be "jammed down their throats."

So what the hell - if it'll always be socialism, go for actual socialism. Don't go with the Heritage Foundation plan. If it always was going to be forced through, don't spend a year trying to get them on board. Actually jam the thing through.

You're going to be accused of both no matter what, why not get the benefits that come with that style of governing since you'll get its downside anyway?

Ah well, no need to re-litigate or have any more recriminations. They're reaping what they've sowed. And as you note, it hasn't actually worked out that poorly for the barnacles on the ship of state.

As I general rule, I try to steer away from nonsense like Benghazi. I know it's the kind of thing that drives news coverage and can even change the governing agenda, but it's so down-the-rabbit-hole crazymaking that I can't bring myself to pay more than cursory attention. So I try to direct my attention elsewhere. But then I see it spreading like kudzu to stories I'm actually interested in like the EPA/IG one, and I just want to fucking scream.