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Be Careful What You Wish For?

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Grand Bargain Watch - Save Social Security
Grand Bargain Watch - Save Social Security,
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Last night I was following hipparchia's advice by selecting a couple of news outlets and political writers "to follow" on Twitter. I decided to follow a somewhat right-wing former MSM reporter by the name of Linda J. Killian. Ms. Killian claims to be an authority on "the swing voter."

At the top of her "Tweet List" was a Tweet by NBC's (or MSNBC's) Chuck Todd. Mr. Todd was fretting about the very scenario that I've been hoping for--a split in the popular and electoral college vote for President. Here's his Tweet below:

My theory is that considering what the Uniparty "has in store us," the best that we can hope for is to have an election outcome which delegitimizes the President. This way, the Congress will hopefully remain "gridlocked," which will forestall, or preferably "kill," any chance of austerity measures being implemented, at least in the near future.

"Desperate measures for desperate times," I guess you could say.

Seriously, this may not be "an ideal way" to run a country, but both candidates appear to be "gung-ho" in regard to striking a Grand Bargain. And frankly, I don't care to see the United States truly begin to resemble Greece. (I'm not referring to the phony fiscal crisis, but the rampant poverty, record high unemployment levels, etc., which will inevitably result if a "bargain" is reached.)

Bear in mind, as of this week, Charlie Cook is predicting that the R's will retain the House, and most likely, the D's the Senate. The main difference may be that the Dems will gain seats, especially in the House. So, if anything, a President Obama (in particular) may have an easier time enacting "austerity measures."

If you find this outcome appalling, what solution(s) would you suggest?

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