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BB Interview in CIBL (Quebec)

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BB Interview in CIBL (Quebec)

Very interesting. They're not a group. They just decided everything together. Alrighty then.

Try this melange of "philosophy"

I swear I became irate and nauseated at the same time when i read this piece of garbage

I don't think it's very well written but...

... this how it ends:

The correct practice of militant nonviolence requires the courage to endure confrontation with the police and the fact of State violence.

That seem to be the bottom line. I don't think it's a bad bottom line, though it's not the only one and other forces must be marshalled. (It's like the triple bottom line in co-ops, maybe.)

It's the weaselly waffling that got me

"I want to point out that we don’t necessarily need to consider questions of violence or nonviolence unless we believe such questions are strategically relevant. This is the first means to end the Argument: we must each individually insist on considering the circumstances at hand before considering any tactics and certainly before considering violence or nonviolence."

It's interesting as a document...

... to show the social pressures.

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They had me at "trichotomy"

CIBL looks like a very nice translation service, BTW.

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