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BB history in North America

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BB history in North America

"Love & Rage" - start at pg10
Short history of BB
see pg16

Some argue that RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) was a significant vector in bringing BB tactics to the U.S.:
RCP is a Maoist group, prone to violent direct action/street fighting (it descended from the SDS splinter group RYM2, sister to RYM1 which gave rise to the Weathermen).
In 1983-84, RCP organized contingents of American activists to travel to Germany to protest and carry out militant direct action against Reagan's deployment of Pershing and cruise missiles. The American contingents collaborated with the German Autonomen in this.
RIM website [RIM=RCP+Shining Path+Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist)]:
Anarchist BB-friendly omnibus rad site, started by former RCP peeps:
RCP was also the primary organizer (in collaboration with anarchists) of the 1985 No Business As Usual actions in the U.S.

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