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Baucus: I plan to sacrifice the health of 4% of the country

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Karen Tumulty interviews Max Baucus

Will the bill provide universal coverage?
It has to come pretty close, Baucus said, if all the other reforms are going to work. Most health care experts agree. By "nearly everybody," Baucus added he was talking about something like 96% of all Americans. However, he refused to specify how quickly that might be achieved.

Will the bill have a government-financed "public option"?
This is one of the most contentious questions surrounding the health care debate, with the insurance industry arguing that giving Americans the option of enrolling in a Medicare-like plan would essentially destroy its business model. While Baucus said that "a version will be there," he also hinted strongly that it will be structured as some kind of compromise. "There are ways to skin a cat," he said.

One possibility that he sounded pretty enthusiastic about is having the public option as some kind of "fallback". I've heard that fallback idea talked about quite a bit lately, in various guises. For instance, there may be such an option in insurance markets where there is no real competition--which, these days, is pretty much everywhere. Another version under discussion would trigger the fallback if the private health insurance industry failed to bring costs under control.

Clearly he plans to do nothing and call it a compromise.

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Oh, and humans without insurance die or suffer needlessly.

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From the The Hill's article on how Baucus treats cats --and little people:

On the prospects for a public plan, Baucus said, “I do suspect that a version will be there. Now, by saying that, I don’t want to frighten people, particularly on the industry side. … All I’m saying is, there are ways to skin a cat. There are ways to find a solution.”

Actually, his concern for his donors is almost...well...touching. In a creepy-crawley kind of way. Or like getting poison ivy....

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"Skin a cat" I can't help but think that we're the cats.