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Baucus hides in an ally to avoid single payer activists

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UPDATE: Film Baucus fleeing.

Baucus Flees Single Payer Questions, Conducts Business of Health Care in Secret

This morning I got up early to go to the Kaiser Foundation before Senator Baucus arrived in order to ask him some questions. We had tried to RSVP to the event but were told we were not allowed because of our single payer views. The meeting was for reporters including bloggers, and I am regularly published on many websites, but it was not for independent reporters who would ask Baucus tough questions.

We didn’t get to ask Senator Baucus any questions because he fled down an alley into a service entrance. He was prepared to park in front of Kaiser but when he saw several cameras, me and others outside he decided retreat was the better alternative. So, he drove into a heavy metal door protected garage and did not get out of his car until the door was closed and he was safely away from questions from the public.

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