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Baucus health white paper makes no mention of Indian Health Service

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Single-payer health care: Baucus keeps getting an earful

“I can find nothing in his white paper,” said Howlett, director of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes' Health and Human Services Department, “that provides for Native American health care on a par with the rest of the country.”

Howlett, who served on an advisory committee that offered input from Montanans to Baucus on the subject, said he ended up feeling his presence there was “symbolic more than substantive.”

“We're only given

40 percent of what it would take to bring health care for Native Americans up to the level we provide federal prisoners,” Howlett said. “Our people cannot get basic diagnostic screenings. We have the highest mortality rate of any race. The Indian Health Service must be identified and addressed


Bacus has gotten consistently bad press from the Montana newspapers.

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