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Basketball claims another (highly unlikely) ACL victim

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It's more than halfway through the season, so I get it that somebody like the Spurs' M. Ginobili could be hurt at this point; or the Rockets' T. McGrady (how's Y. Ming holding up this year?) -- and with a hat tip to Lambert regarding the story he mentioned about Houston's Shane Battier, I'll say that any b-ball fan knows how fragile a thing the human ACL is, and any wcbb (or women's b-ball, from about junior high through the overseas leagues/WNBA) knows just how often an injury to it dents or derails a promising athletic career.
But the NBA all-star break, last weekend, featured what *should* have been a fairly non-threatening venue for performances. A shooting stunt went awry, though, and now the Milwaukee Bucks' mascot is expected to undergo surgery for a torn AC in March. Think maybe we ought to have another look at what we're willing to give up in injury costs for on-court highlights?
No, I don't plan to out whoever that is in the fuzzy suit. But if the MASCOTS are tearing their ACLS, maybe a better training regimen's in order?

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