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Barry's lame-duck triumphalism is a dead cat bounce

As everybody but The Big O's dwindling band of Opologists recognizes. Paradox gets it exactly right:

Americans of course approve of equal rights and tax cuts and student loan reform, but they could rightly give a rat’s ass when the labor market is smashed, foreclosures (you know, people’s homes) totally out of control, one in seven on food stamps, and wages going absolutely nowhere.

This is the great act of denial in Obama’s first term, this stupefying nonchalance as millions of lives are smashed in an employment [DISemployment] evolution we never tolerated or have seen before. Defensive Obama supporters cite tax cuts that didn’t work again as ludicrous stimulus, ridiculous Administration officials babble Hooverish belt-tightening nonsense, and our appalling media simply ignores the nuclear meltdown of employment that launched Pelosi’s ass out of her Speaker office.


All the other stuff is Versailles chatter or career "progressive" obfuscation, which comes to the same thing.

NOTE Some find "Barry" offensive. I like it, because it's insultingly familiar. But how do you solve a problem like "Obama"? I'm no longer willing to accord him his just title of honor, any more than I was under Bush. The Lightbringer, though excellent, never made it outside a small group, and in any case is highlights factional D differences, and not President Barack Hussein Obama's role as an agent of the rentiers. I like (my own invention) The Big O, but for whatever reason it hasn't propagated. I refuse to use "Barack," because "[reverential pause] Barack" was so prevalent in the primaries.

Then again, perhaps I should view my instinct to mock and denigrate enemies with nicknames as a "seed of war" in my own nature, and seek to uproot it, rather than cause it to grow.

So, I'm conflicted. I'm open to suggestions. Readers?

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

It says so much in just two words.

And my old fave, "Barack Hoover Obama", might be useful as well. It definitely has the advantage of CLEARLY being from the left, not the right.

Submitted by Hugh on

Obama has much to be triumphal about. He favors a conservative Republican agenda and has accomplished a great deal of it.

Barry, the Big O, how about the Obaminable Showman? OK, kind of long.

Submitted by gob on

To me, that captures so much about him: his lack of there-ness as a person, his cool, his apparent absence of ambition to accomplish anything other than become the President. It has the further benefit of not being insulting, so not making me feel small in hindsight.

Submitted by lambert on

"From this day forward, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish..."

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

Plus, "Barry" is a preferred name of some of the far-right, and we need to be seen as "taking him down from the left".

Submitted by lambert on

So, that's settled, then.

And I'm serious here, I can't write headlines without this!!

* * *

Pres? Prez? Prexy?

As in "Prexy: All underwear will be worn on the outside...."

00bama -- as in clueless n00b?

Of course, there's Down Lobama... Not that there's anything wrong with that....

* * *

HRH Obama

His Royal O-ness

* * *

And so on.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i would argue that all of the above methods rely on, make use of, provide an outlet for, or otherwise legitimate an instinct to mock and denigrate enemies with nicknames. yep, that one's settled.

And I'm serious here, I can't write headlines without this!!
noooo!!!! if you stop writing headlines, i will die! but i still have no good suggestions.

Submitted by lambert on

... and as it pointed out above, we need to be seen to take Obama down from the left. So the focus on personal characteristics doesn't work.


There's Preznit, of course.

Valhalla's picture
Submitted by Valhalla on

There are certain epithets that I find really jarring to read, the more so since, because of discussions here and elsewhere about various famous-person tags, I've stopped using nicknames. The non-violence list is interesting, but doesn't really lay out any principles. If I had to make up a list off the top of my head --

nicknames which are gratuitous personal insults are out (eg, "President Big Ears")

nicknames which encapsulate some sort of comment on policy views or media critique are better (I rather favor Anglachel's The Precious, or various bloggers The One, because they describe both the ethos of Obama's political attitude and the regard with which he's cocooned by his fan base; I suppose "Our CEO-in-Chief" although not very catchy would qualify. Maybe "Our Rentier-in-Chief"? ok also not catchy)

nicknames which denigrate a class of people are bad (eg, if you started calling H. Clinton "The SoSWhore", or Republicans' early insistence on bringing his middle name in to create an association with Muslims)

nicknames which dehumanize are out (that's why we deprecated "obot" and "obamabot", I believe)

"Barry" doesn't violate any of these, but it doesn't really convey anything either. Well, it sort of falls under dehumanize, but in a backwards way.

On the other hand, I don't see how calling him by his name, "Obama", is really a title of honor or anything like that. it's a recognized form of address which does connote respect, but just the respect of one person to another according to the rules of civilization, not any particular or specific respect to him as a person (or even as President).

In sum, I got nuthin'.

Submitted by lambert on

... is exactly what I don't want (unless I can exaggerate it so much it's ironic). That's why "Barry" works, because it's not deferential but insultingly familiar.

Since his class warfare message to me and millions like me is "Go die!"* why should I respect him?

Valhalla's picture
Submitted by Valhalla on

First, I'm not advocating calling him Obama as a sign of respect. If you can come up with a catchy nickname which conveys his pro-rentier politics, go for it (I obviously can't) (I also didn't really agree with the deprecation of "obot", oh well). I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with it. Perhaps a few birthers would disagree, but it IS his name.

It's the form of respect for other humans generic, not specific ones, is all. Use/nonuse says as much about your participation in simply respecting other humans as it does about him.

Besides, the way his approval ratings are going (minus the deadcat bounce), "Obama" is on its way to becoming practically a swear word. You could be ahead of the curve! That's certainly in keeping with the prematurely corrcect trend.

Submitted by lambert on

Corrente is all about getting into (and out of) trouble with sentences! (Sentence first, verdict afterwards....)

* * *

President @b#m$!? might work.... Like cartoon swear words....

Aeryl's picture
Submitted by Aeryl on

0b@m@? Of course that doesn't get the $ in there.

Valhalla's picture
Submitted by Valhalla on

go diagonally up the keyboard to the right (not the left! never the left) with Obama, you get:


with Barack:

*#%#^)! (with an exclamation point thrown in for good measure).

*#%#^)! sort of works. Ah well.

Submitted by lambert on

Need to start with something Olike, or with an emphatic "o" sound.

Hobama is, alas, out. Nobama is used up. Sobama... Lobama...

UPDATE Fauxbama. LOLbama.

Valhalla's picture
Submitted by Valhalla on

Because the reader can fill in the swear (or other epithet!) for themselves. Like how Obama said he's a blank screen for people to project whatever they want to believe on him.

Multiple levels!

Submitted by PA_Lady on

For some reason, Obama seems to remind me of "The Nothing" from The Never-ending Story. (My train of thought is obviously a circus train...)

Joe's picture
Submitted by Joe on

I like Emperor Obama. But that's more of a comment on his horrendous civil liberties record than a comment on his horrendous economic record.

Same thing with "The Assassinator", which I sometimes use.

Barack O’Bastard doesn't make much of a political point. Has a great ring to it though.

Submitted by lambert on

I'm not unhappy with @b#m$!? , or possibly Preznit @b#m$!?

Then again, maybe Preznit WTF >>>

Submitted by Anne on

and I can't stand to even look at him, really, and the sound of his voice - ugh; it just sends my blood pressure soaring. Not good.

In my head, I think of him as "that fucking asshole," but not all audiences are receptive to that kind of nomenclature.

"Obama" could just as easily translate to: "Oligarchical Brainwashing And Mindfucking Asshole" - hence, so much easier to just abbreviate to "fucking asshole."