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Barry's HCR debacle: The mandate is a stamp tax

From a great blog that everybody should read, Volatility by attempter:

The health racket Stamp mandate [see "Stamp Tax"] was crafted by the Republicans (the Heritage Foundation via Romneycare; Obama bragged about this) and enacted by the Democrats. It will never increase actual coverage nor control costs, and was never intended to.

“Health insurance” doesn’t even make sense as a concept. The goal of any insurance is to maximize premium extractions and minimize payouts. That can’t possibly work in the case of health care. There’s no possible way you can have a pool based on profiteering which isn’t automatically a conflict of interest between the racket and its customers, between the racket and the public interest.

The Obama/Republican (Heritage Foundation) bill never intended anything but to:

1. Maintain and enhance insurance rent extractions;

2. Enable employers to shift their costs onto individuals;

3. Enable government to continue to abdicate its core responsibility;

4. Force atomized individuals into the individual market, which Obama’s own CBO says will become more expensive;

5. Where the government goon will force them to buy worthless “policies”, Stamps.

The bill is not designed to control costs and will not do so. It was designed to increase costs, but shift them all onto the individual.

Meanwhile the quality of care delivered will continue to deteriorate, since the bill is also not intended to force insurance to provide affordable care. The Massachusetts experience has already proven that.

What should we say is the ideological nature of this bill? It’s not classically “liberal”, since it enshrines the abdication of a core government function. But it’s not classically “conservative”, since it does enshrine a missive extension of aggressive government goon power. It’s strangely redolent of economic “libertarianism”, which wants to gut government in all the things a government is supposed to do, while aggressively expanding all its goon and thug dysfunctions. It’s really a radical enshrinement of neoliberal corporatism (which is the same thing as conservatism in practice): Government should be big and aggressive, but only as a corporate deputy. All its actual public functions should cease to exist. It’s classical tyranny, a usurpation. Such a government is clearly nothing but a parasite and a predator, exactly like its corporate masters.

So there’s the first reason to reject this bill and refuse to purchase this Stamp: It’s the enshrinement of corporate tyranny.

And even if one is a slave by nature who accepts neoliberal ideology and corporate tyranny, health insurance still makes zero sense as a concept. It doesn’t work. (Most people who go bankrupt for medical reasons have insurance.) So there’s the second reason.

Thanks, "progressives"! You did great. The cover you provided Barry on this little project was essential!

Again, great blog. Go read.

NOTE I can't count how many times I posted that the mandate "forces us to buy junk insurance with the IRS acting as the collection agent," to great derision from the "public option" weasels, who turned out to be wrong about everything.

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Don't forget the PO dupes.

That is a terrific post.