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Barack "No Mas" Obama starts paying the price for dodging debates

NC Governor Easley to endorse Hillary.

Easley had backed former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards for president before he ended his bid in January. Edwards has not yet endorsed a candidate and is not expected to do so before next week's primary.

Earlier this month, Easley wrote a note to Obama imploring the Illinois senator to take part in a debate sponsored by the North Carolina Democratic Party and televised by CBS News. But the Clinton and Obama camps were unable to agree to a date, and the state party eventually scrapped its plans.

Lotta flat bed trucks in NC, so there's still time for Obama to stop back pedaling and try to win with a knockout instead of just on the judge's score cards....

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It's getting crowded under that bus.

Real Democrats aren't afraid of democracy

48 + 2 = legitimacy

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... in trying to help Obama. He's double crossed people left and right by now. Some democracy he'd represent.

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His campaign was about democracy? I thought it was about his ego.