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Banned in WaPo -- Gregg Mitchell posts article the Post refused to print -

Mitchell lists the different types of excuses and rationalizations members of the Very Serious People crowd and reporters/editors have come up with to makr their egregious errors of judgement during the run up to the Iraq Illegal War. (Oh, and most will not note that the freakin' war was, yes, illegal.

Also, nice to get a reminder,via DWD over at Eschaton (no way to link to specific comments that I see in the new Disqus version which has taken over at Atrios's place) of Gregg Mitchell. One of the problems of the MCM cutting these good writers is it's not always easy to find where they are putting their material.

Time to bookmark Gregg Mitchell:

In a way David Dayen, now that he's not at FDL (by his own choice, afaik), falls into that group. Sometimes I come across a link to something he's written, but, on the whole, I don't keep up with him now. I keep wondering why FDL doesn't have him cross-post there -- it would be helpful for the FDL readership and a natural for FDL to publish whatever they can of their former great news analysts writer.

I know there are others I've lost track of. Plum Line? Maybe we should compile a list here at Corrente to track the good reporters who have been shoved out of their newspaper gigs...??

Please list folks in comments that you can think of. Thanks! I 'm not coming up with a catchy title for such a list, but welcome suggestions.


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In a way, Dan Froomkin was the first: I followed him at WaPo religiously, even after they buried his blog so nobody could find him, but when he went to HuffPo I just stopped checking him, I'm not sure why (except that I find HuffPo hard to read).

Another example, in a way, is RiverDaughter. I wonder if there are other Kos writers?