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Bankster Mom let child pee on the floor of a restaurant, demanded waitress clean it up

Single sourced, but still:

And these [read the article] are not even the worst anecdotes I have heard. A mother-of-four told me how she’d watched in horror as her cousin let her nappy-less child pee on the floor in a restaurant and shamelessly asked the waitress to mop it up.

So bossy was this former banker that the waitress complied without a word.

Yikes! What was the kid's name? Joffrey?

The article uses generational analysis -- "Rise of the me first mothers" -- but I would be willing to bet that the offenders are all well-heeled 10%-ers, as described in this article about the über-middle class in Oxford. If the link doesn't work, Google:

'‘Über middle class’ reshapes Oxford

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