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Bankster of the day


From TARP weasel Neel Kash-n-Carry from Golden Sacks in Fred Hiatt's Pravda, first we get:

Our [whose?] belief in free [so-called, see Yves] markets is founded on the idea that each individual acting in his or her self-interest will lead to a superior outcome for the whole. The financial crisis has reminded us that free markets are not perfect -- but they do allocate capital better [if we had a free market, instead of a rigged casino, they might] than any other system we know [better than the regulated market from FDR until the Washington Consensus wrecked it and started looting? I don't think so. A "me first" mentality usually [note weasel word] makes markets more efficient.

Well, that's the ideology. And now we get the double-think. Skip a mere two paragraphs down:

Cutting entitlement spending requires us [who?] to think beyond what is in our [whose?] own immediate self-interest. But it also runs against our [whose?] sense of fairness: We [who?] have, after all, paid for entitlements for earlier generations. Is it now fair to cut my benefits? No, it isn't. But if we [who?] don't focus on our [whose?] collective good, all of us [who?] will suffer.

First, Kashkari is simply wrong in fact. The rich won't suffer from their strategic default on Social Security one little bit.

Second, Kashkari's sense of, er, entitlement is breathtaking, or would be, if it weren't utterly normal. Kash-n-Carry and his bankster golfing buddies get to cash in their huge bonuses for crashing the world economy because they are the Mes who always go first, while the rest of us get to eat cat food because we are the Wes who are always put last.

I'm shocked. Check the comments. Interestingly, the usual wingers and Austrian loons who tend to infest such threads are silent.

NOTE Via HuffPo.

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