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Bankster of the Day

So very many to choose from in this terrific New York article, but this anonymous bankster is my very favorite:

“You can’t live in New York and have kids and send them to school on $75,000,” he continues. “And you have the Obama administration suggesting that. That was a very populist thing that Obama said. He’s being disingenuous. He knows that you can’t live in New York on $75,000.


NOTE Via TalkLeft.

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[I'm sending this on to my son, though. Born and raised and, yes, sent to school in NYC on way less than $75,000, although, obviously, I can't have done that. Whatever was I thinking???]

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There is no understanding of the homelessness, hunger, and despair they have inflicted on the working people. Talk about being full of entitlement.

Whine, whine, whine.