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Bank of Satan forecloses on woman who paid off her mortgage 24 YEARS EARLY. In CASH.

That's fucked up. But don't worry. She's getting a make-good:

A $100 gift card!

NOTE Most excellently, still redirects to BoA. Yay!

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You missed the key line, IMO which is "The Bank of America representative told her not to worry "

Because that was the point she should have panicked.

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I worked as a temp cleaning out the vault of a small state wide insurance company that had been sold to a large international insurance company.

It was a mess. Wrong papers filed in wrong folders, missing vital documents. Everything was there but it involved opening and going through every single file folder.

Found homeowners that had paid off their mortgages and were still paying.

The president and accountant both decided that it was only fair to pay back the money at the interest rate that they had been charging. What was funny to me was that they asked me, the temp, to calculate the overpayments and the rates.

At least, they were honest.

Insurance companies love them some mortgages. I would bet that if the insurance companies were required to write off their loans that were not producing, they would all be bankrupt. I think that is why the banks are holding assets like mortgages, not writing them down to market price and not selling them to the insurance companies as they usually did. If the mortgage companies fail, kiss off the economy. They are a lot deeper into mortgages than any bank.

I know they are upside down on their loans.