If you have "no place to go," come here!

Bangkok night scene

Granted, this video is about as watchable as Andy Warhol's Empire, but at least there's a narrative:

The flame goes out, but the process takes much longer than I would have thought.

* * *

Again, I should really get a sound recording app for the iPad. But even this recording is a good sound portrait of this little neighborhood, a dark cross street between soi 40 and soi 38, anchored by an urban garden* on one end, and the food shanty on on the other, with an open, partially cultivated field between them. Cars occasionally make it down soi 38 and cut through this street across to soi 40, on their way somewhere else; the only people who consider the food shanty a destination are riding motorcycles or hauling carts. Or walking over from the garden, it may be.

The constant hiss comes from heavy traffic a block away on soi 40; there's a creature that cheep cheep cheeps, whether insect or amphibian I do not know; there are bird calls, voices from the food shanty, the clatter of plates and cutlery, the rhythmic swish of a broom, faint music.

So imagine turning a dark corner and seeing a small red flame planted in the ground, sputtering.

I felt I should video it, should video the flame until it expired, so I knelt down by the curb, opened the iPad, and trained the camera, one-third over two-thirds up, on what turned out to be two burning joss sticks; incense and wax.

Occasionally cars or a motorcycle would pass well behind me; but it's a wide road.

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