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Baltimore belongs to Fascists

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Caught this one at Max’s new site. Baltimore has gone over to the fascists.

No after school programs, no parks to play in (none that have equipment), no athletic teams, no decent schools to go to, and no jobs. Rather than actually doing something that would be beneficial the city of Baltimore has funneled public resources into pirate hands.Charter schools, No child left behind, Consultants, incompetence and corruption Baltimore now wants to lockdown neighborhoods – what’s next a yellow star Nuremberg laws ?

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Thanks for posting this!

You can pretty much pick your neighborhood by the wealth or ethnicity of the residents, and either way, it amounts to the same thing.

The nice neighborhoods are clean and safe. The poor ones, not so much.

The thing about Baltimore is that these neighborhoods are often within blocks of each other.

This has to be a case of the nice neighborhoods making rules the other ones.

I heard about this a few weeks ago in the Baltimore Sun, here:


'Desperate' plan to slow crime
Council bill would put areas of city under enforcement some liken to martial law
By John Fritze
Sun reporter
Originally published May 17, 2007
Large swaths of Baltimore could be declared emergency areas subject to heightened police enforcement - including a lockdown of streets - under a city councilman's proposal that aims to slow the city's climbing homicide count.

The legislation - which met with a lukewarm response from Mayor Sheila Dixon's administration yesterday, and which others likened to martial law - would allow police to close liquor stores and bars, limit the number of people on city sidewalks and halt traffic in areas declared "public safety act zones." It comes as the number of homicides in Baltimore reached 108, up from 98 at the same time last year.

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Then, at the end of the day, make everybody leave, except for the clean up crews, who we can outsource to India. It all makes perfect sense.