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"Bacile" seems suspiciously close to "bacillus"

I like my disiformation campaigns to be run by operatives with a sense of humor!

So here, to add to the fun, is an explainer from NPR:


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If people weren't getting killed.

Seriously, anybody, like the actress described in the article, who had their lines overdubbed to put them in this dangerous situation could, I think, sue for damages on the basis that they were victims of a deliberate fraud.

Some joke his first name should be Im....

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seem to know exactly what they're singing about. Not a lot of work around town, though, so they might be doing it just for the money, even if they don't believe a word of it.


Perhaps someone who's been paying attention has already posted this. Or had the good sense NOT to post it. Forgive me, for I know exactly what I do.

WARNING: Only follow the link if you have a strong stomach. Or watch it and pretend it's parody, which is what I hoped it would be when it started, mainly because it SAYS it's a parody.

Alas, the parody is only in the use of the music (I wouldn't call it parody, actually, but what do I know?). Unless I missed something, it's deadly serious politically.

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So offensive to me that I asked the nice person whose e-mail list I was on to please take me off her list. I told her that to compare Obama to Rosa Parks with a picture of her looking out the bus window and him looking out some window was one of the more offensive things I've seen, not to mention the comparison to the French Revolution. So the solution is to ask to be taken off a list and strongly point out why.

Or to do what you did. Warn us about this piece of propaganda and say, "Viewer beware".

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Well, MM, I don't think my warning was strong enough, even though I put it in bold. It was all I could do not to turn it off or to throw things when I watched it (mind you, I was expecting something utterly hilarious, with a big dose of Obama put down built into it). But, no. It is, undoubtedly, THE most offensive thing I've seen in a while.

Alas, I got the link from the lovely woman I'm involved with. A soulmate in every way except Obamalove. I let slip a reference to one of my other favorite sites, Stop Me Before I Vote Again, in response to someone's question about my participation in the upcoming election. Soon we were having the lesser-of-two-evils discussion. Should the subject come up again (certainly I'M not going to bring it up), I will introduce the more-effective-of-two-evils idea (also the idea that the dems and the repubs are going to the same place, but the dems will be nicer about it and we won't get there quite as quickly, but we'll get there).