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Axelrod Destroyed the Democratic Party in Order to Save It -- Destroyed Democracy for Ego and Gamesmanship

Boy, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Weiner exhibiting his “package” via email.

Thank you, Anthony. Exhibit A. That just about sums up what the ruling patriarchy is all about. Power and competition and the biggest “package” whether of a person, a party, a nation or nations. The killer drones, by the way, seem to slide very easily into the abundance of phallic imagery penetrating the public through the addicted-to-titillation, disinforming, amoral media these days.

The alleged molestation by DSK is another one of those awesome, you can’t make these perfect metaphors up, of the IMF’s will to rape Africa, Africa represented by a vulnerable and working class African woman.

But I want to go after a patriarchal player who has not been called out enough to suit my angry needs. “Obama’s Rove” some have called him. A slyer, slicker counterpart of Rove, especially in his ability to APPEAR not sly nor slick.

That hangdog-looking, down to earth, seemingly honest David Axelrod. He played the game of ... well, in Axelrod’s case, I will say ... MASSIVE DISINGENUOUSNESS really well. Let’s ignore for now the reptilian political hitman, Rahm, and the Trojan Horse of the patriarchal status quo, Obama, neither of whom could have pulled off the 2008 election victory without the sincerity stylings and sentimentalized mythologizing of ol’ Axelrod.

Of course, as a friend told me last night, Axelrod’s feat wasn’t all that phenomenal. After Bush the bar was so profoundly low, the country so overwhelmingly desperate for anyone but Bush. An applicable adage for our situation: “HUNGRY PEOPLE MAKE POOR SHOPPERS.” You got that right!

Still. Swish, David! You nailed it in 2008 and you are getting ready to take another crack at the big game for 2012. The media thinks you have a shot. And the media doesn’t just call games, it rigs games, so there you go.

The Obama brand victory was honored as the greatest marketing achievement for that year. I use the word “honored” loosely. And actually, I think you deserve a marketing award for the century. In your consultant line of work you did pull off a mighty victory. Too bad, as Charles Ferguson pointed out to Tavis Smiley, it destroyed American idealism for a generation or two. Small price to pay, huh David?

In my humble opinion, David, you are a profound betrayer of humanity. We needed a statesman and you gave us a gamesman. You being a gamesman yourself. Power was the goal. Winning always the ultimate goal for the patriarchal paradigm. The amoral media-controlling matrix. Never partnership and cooperation. Never people over profits. Too wholesome and girlie? Too small “d” democratic? I suppose considering some of the rabid rat bastard Republicans out there you figured America could have done worse than Obama. Also, the compulsive deniers among us could cling to the “illusion that is Obama” in spite of the nightmare evidence that American exceptionalism and the amoral media often successfully manage to fog over.

You perfectly packaged a candidate in 2008 that looked like what the traumatized country needed. A young, black-and-white President. How perfect for the manufactured-media-mythic combo of MLK and JFK.

The shelf life of the myth made it through the election, thanks to a combination of a lazy-assed and cronied corrupt media and the lazy-assed and cronied corrupt, “pragmatic” faux-progressives running the Dem party. Dooming the damn Dem party!

The shelf life continues for an amazing number of citizens -- the many who have trouble copping to having participated in the biggest, naivest collective mistake of their lifetime -- of endorsing a leader who defies the Constitution, defies the mandate of the citizenry to end war and help the oppressed, and who enables this wounded country to careen ever faster down the slippery slope of corruption and patriarchal (who gives a shit about the common good, the public trust and the welfare of the world, in general) cronyism and wanton militarism.

The shelf life of the Obama brand may make it through the 2012 election, a good man/woman, STATESMAN/STATESWOMAN being so hard to find, or rather RECOGNIZE, in style over substance, amoral-media-led, good-Germanhood America.

After the con you pulled on us, Axelrod, so many in the amoral media and Obama deniers admire the skill you exhibited to sell us out. You are a sought after commentator. Just as Rove was. As 2012 approaches I suspect we will start to see more and more of you again, hear more and more of your pseudo-sincere spun stylings. Witness your puppetry.

Do you EVER have any trouble looking at yourself in the mirror, David? As much trouble as I have stomaching looking at you on the TV screen?

Do you really begin to believe the crap you spew? Or is that just your job as super-consultant?

Spew, baby, spew?

You inspire me to spew.

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Submitted by Hugh on

Axelrod and our elites in general are examples of the banality of evil. I wrote about this recently over at Naked Capitalism. They get up, go to work, work hard, and feel good about themselves and the jobs they are doing. But what they are doing is stealing from hundreds of millions, ruining their lives, destroying their jobs and their security. That is what Hannah Arendt understood. Great evil is not accomplished by cosmic villains but by ordinary people who place their own petty concerns and careerism ahead of the very lives of the masses who surround them. They serve an evil system because it validates and rewards them and for that they are willing not only to turn a blindeye to any evil but actively, even enthusiastically, participate in it.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

There is an "approach" in advertising, "just plain folks". Axelrod delivers himself that way. I suppose whether it is promoting tooth paste or a corrupt politician, it is all the same when it is a conscienceless game of marketing, focusing on the material and ego-driven payoffs and defying conscience and spirituality.

During the protest of Kissinger recently in NYC, a few of the brave activists actually bought tickets and from inside the auditorium firmly and rationally challenged Kissinger with called out questions from their seats -- Kissinger as a war criminal who had prolonged the Vietnam War against the mandate of the citizens and brought death or ruination to 8 million further Asians, the same number LBJ's regime had impacted. People indignantly booed the questioners in the auditorium as they were jerked out of their seats and out of the forum, the audience so very protective of the comfort level of the famous Kissinger. How dare such incivility occur. Why didn't these troublemakers stay penned in the demonstration area in front of the building and leave them all alone. We did our piece out there now we must STFU. We were the inappropriate ones, inconveniencing people for our trouble-making consciences.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

"marketed" lemmings.

Assuming even molecules of honor within the Dem Party, assuming there was a counterforce of un-Bushlike goodness when corruption had saturated the entire American political system so thoroughly. All that was left was hypocrisy to be served to a desperate citizenry for profit and power. To be a Dem crony and profit all you had to do was trade in your soul and conscience and prey on a people's hope and sense of outrage at the Republicans. How easily done by the Axelrods, et al. this exploitation.