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Awaiting the Edwards' Newsconference

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I'm sure you all know the Edwards will be having a joint new conference, called for noon, EST, and that whatever the announcement is to be, it follows on Elizabeth's visit to her doctor, and that given the fact of her discovery that she had breast cancer soon after the 2004 election, that fears there has been a reoccurance are natural, as are speculations that Edwards may be withdrawing from the Presidential race.

Even if the worst is true, and may all the Gods bless and keep her from harm, and I say this with a special urgency, because, though no woman deserves cancer, Elizabeth Edwards is one of my favorite public persons and truly, her husband's better half, I suspect that Edwards will not withdraw, and that the decision is as much Elizabeth's as it is John's.

I also suspect that Elizabeth's health has a lot to do with the large home they are building in North Carolina, which has provided such rich opportunities for the right to accuse Edward's of hypocrisy, in his concerns about poverty, and about fairness for working folk. Irony of ironies, the typical winger seems to think that unless John Edwards and his wife are willing to take some small number of poor folk under their very roof, well, what the fuck are they talking about.

The wingers like to throw out the figure of a 27,000 sq. ft. mansion; I did a little checking, and that figure includes such features as an indoor swimming pool and tennis court. The house will have considerable grounds, as well.

Well, if you had the money, and your wife had had a serious run-in with cancer, a cancer that is known to come back, even after years of someone being cancer free, wouldn't you figure that your family and your wife deserved to have all the health and recreational spaces you could afford?

Clearly, the house is meant to be a family manse for a family who will always be involved in public issues, whatever the success or not of Edward's presidential ambitions. I further suspect that the Edwards might have put off building their dream home until after the 2008 campaign, were it not for Elizabeth's illness.

What matters to me is that when Edwards stays at a tony hotel, he makes a point of meeting and talking with the hotel staff.

Let us hope Elizabeth will remain healthy and that Edwards will stay in the race.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

thanks for writing this post leah, you always have such useful insights that aren't common in the blogosphere.

i agree with you- if they have the resources, why shouldn't her years be comfortable, particularly if they are close to her last? i do hate the wingers for injecting this non-issue into the race.

times like this i'm almost sorry to be an atheist, for i would love to have a vindictive god i could call upon to visit some divine retribution and justice upon those who would reach out for a man through his ill wife.

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Submitted by Jakebnto on

from the RWNM that this is all a ploy by Edwards to gain the sympathy vote and to put up a shield against potential swift boating?

Hours? Surely not days.


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Submitted by hobson on

Since neither of the Edwards seems vindictive, angry or bitter, we should respect their approach to her continuing and upcoming ordeals.

I take him at his word when he says they are optimistic. After seeing Elizabeth Edwards at the Personal Democracy Forum last year, I believe if anyone can make the best of such a situation, she can (and they can) and from a realistic perspective. I wish them the best.