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Aw jeez, do we have to do everything ourselves?

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Yes, I suppose we do.

Partially in response to Bringiton's earlier post about, as I interpret it, the complacency of comfort. Perhaps it's not merely laziness. Perhaps, after 2000 and 2004 we had come to expect a reliable, pro-democracy media critique from the Boiz on the blogs. Perhaps the missing media critique by the Boiz has contributed to large swaths of the democratic base not really knowing what's going on in Florida and Michigan. Perhaps the Boiz, as a group, have been more responsible than the republicans, the media, and the competing candidates themselves at dividing us.

We all know the media isn't going to do democracy any favors. That's what the glorious media critique was supposed to accomplish, right?

Then it turned out that the Boiz were biased and the critique evaporated in the presence of white-hot influence and political power.

Oh, well.

Call the DNC and tell them to get their act together. Count democrats' votes and seat their delegates. Tell them to do their job.
(202) 863-8000

Email Phil McNamara, chair of the DNC rules committee, and tell him to do his job.

Read this post from Friday and ones similar to it at Taylor Marsh's place.

In this mess it really doesn't matter which primary candidate you're supporting (I'm a Clinton supporter). If my candidate's team was working, either overtly, covertly or both, to suppress a fair outcome to the MI and FL votes I would be very displeased. In fact, my support for my candidate would start to waver, maybe just a bit, but it would waver.

The Boiz won't do it because they lost their mission (their relevancy follows hard on its heels). The media won't do it because they don't care. The Obama campaign certainly doesn't want a fair outcome at this point, so they won't do it. The Clinton campaign can't do it because they're between a rock and a hard place. This is bringing joy to every little (tiny) republican heart in the land, so it's safe to say that the Republicans won't do it.

I guess only we can prevent an overturning of the will of the voters in the contested states of Florida and Michigan, and the resultant forest fire of division leading up to and threatening to consume Denver.

Voters, of whatever background and inclination, do very much understand the concepts of fair play and common sense.

Fair elections are decided by voters. Unfair elections are decided by technicalities and complications.

This is not a football game or a boxing match. Campaigning for office is complicated and involves strategies and technical approaches, and the campaigns of the two contenders play the game well, as they should.

But, VOTING in elections is very different from campaigning. It is not a game of strategizing by activists and insiders. It is a living manifestation of the bedrock foundation of representative democracy. It is what keeps the idea of a free democratic society from being merely a palliative and idealistic vision, but alive on the ground and in the streets of our country. Party leaders and insiders ignore this at the peril not just of their own parties but at the peril of the country itself.

Only we can ensure that this process not be further compromised and that the voters in Florida and Michigan are not disenfranchised.

It was bad when the Republicans did this to us in 2000. It would be unforgettably bad indeed if the Democratic leadership did it to us again in 2008.

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Real Democrats aren't afraid of democracy

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It would help you if you had your facts straight.

1) Phil McNamara is not the chair of the Rules & Bylaws Committee. Alexis Herman & Jim Roosevelt, Jr. are the RBC co-chairs.

Phil McNamara is a DNC staffer and bugging him won't get you very far.

2) RBC will meet on May 31 to hear delegate challenges concerning FL & MI. It's not clear whether they will make a decision & vote or just hear the challenges.

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You are correct, he is not the chair of rules and bylaws.

Phillip McNamara is the DNC Director of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection. If you call that "just a staffer," well ok.

I think it might do some good to "bug" him.

The DNC asked members of Congress to "bug" Phil McNamara if they had any questions or concerns about the national democratic primaries. Last paragraph of this interesting read.

Philip McNamara, DNC Director of Party
Affairs and Delegate Selection,202 479-5131,

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and tar and feathers and rails to ride the DFL and DMI and Donna Brazile out of town on, but emails are good too.

Complacent is exactly the problem. Waiting around hoping Somebody Else will straighten things out, and wondering why it takes so long.

And bugging Phil McNamara is just fine. Enough of a pileup with his inbox and maybe he'll complain about how the problem is making it impossible to get the Chairman's coffee to him on time, or whatever he actually does with that great huge honking title.

Let's see now, Director of Party Affairs...ah yes, taking care of those discreetly adjoining hotel room arrangements in Denver...Delegate Selection, indeed.

Pressure, pressure, everywhere. Good work, murphy