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Aux telephones, citoyens! Yet again!

If you want the Kucinich Amendment -- the one that would allow states to opt out of those stoopid exchanges and set up their own single payer systems -- to survive the next step in the melding process, call now!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:
DC (202) 225.4965
SF (415) 556.4862

Representative George Miller:
DC (202) 225.2095
Concord (925) 602.1880

Representative Henry Waxman:
DC (202) 225.3976
LA (323) 651.1040

h/t National Nurses Movement

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure: Keith Olbermann interviews Rose Ann DeMoro, who is God btw.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

with the house expected to unveil their bill thursday morning, it could be too late. in which case they ought to be subjected to the howls of single payer advocates anyway.