If you have "no place to go," come here!

Aux duck pits, citoyens!


The former Arkansas governor said back home he would be duck hunting on the day after Christmas, but pheasant hunting in Iowa — eight days before the state's leadoff nominating caucuses — was a good substitute. He also offered a lecture declaring that hunting is good for wildlife.

Huckabee led a motorcade of photographers along gravel roads in hilly rural Iowa, hopping out of a pickup truck to take to a snow-covered field wearing his bright orange vest along with Dude, an energetic hunting dog.

How unspoiled and natural! Surely, Hucklebee is a true man of the people!

Of course, Seamus "Dude" was probably "energetic," instead of hiding under the truck and whimpering, because Huckabee's son David wasn't around, or if he was around, didn't have his Boy Scout knife...

NOTE Credit where credit is due: Huckerbee didn't shoot any old men in the face.

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