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Aux Daschle House Parties, citoyens! |

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Physicians for a National Health Plan has a complete set of talking points for house parties, the better to counter any lobbyists present. The also have the link to hosting a House Party. I hope residents of the Mighty Corrente Building will go and post about their experience.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

it's not the irl house party the obama team has in mind, but i've been thinking that we could hold a live-blogging house party here at the mcb, using those guidelines, then email our results [and/or post at and].

there doesn't seem to be a live house party in my area on this, not that i can find.

Submitted by hipparchia on

if you can't beat 'em to the post time, dazzle 'em with quantity [or something]. yep, i'm thinking mcb house party is a good idea. i might even hold one at my place too.