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Automated cat feeders

Ha ha:

I do not miss the days when the cats would come and sit on our heads at 5 AM, wanting their breakfast.


Whether or not you share the author's motivations, the article is really neat, for any of you software developers out there.

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I've been looking at this -- have until 5/21 to decide. Having researched it in lots of spots around the internet, I'm surprised to see the number of disgruntled reviewers making this complaint:

Pros: Price and free shipping

Cons: picture not bright...colors not crisp and seem blurry. Would not recommend this T V to anyone. For a major brand TV name, I am very disappointed in the quality of this model.

I bought an LG TV a year ago from you, and the difference is huge.... bright, crisp picture, and colors are brilliant.

Because I've also been seeing this simple solution offered up to the complainers by several people:

Some people are complaining about the brightness. That is because the TV comes with the Power Saver option turned ON at default. Just go to the menu, and find the Power Saver option and turn it OFF and you will have much brighter screen. Picture quality is excellent, I would recommend this TV for anyone looking for a cheap HDTV for their living or bedroom.

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I taught my two Abbie cats to use the toilet, but they still needed feeding and fresh water. And the toilet had to be flushed at least every other day...three at the outside.

Somehow, I think I'd miss the morning wake up. I had one cat who learned to 1) pull a very large silk screen on a rock rubbing on heavy stock away from the wall and let it fall back to make a drum noise. Repeatedly. She also adapted to a new clock radio with controls on the top by just walking on it enough to turn it on. This was in addition to all the paw pats, hair pulling, sitting on chest, shoulder, back, or head, etc. Loved that cat beyond measure.

And these things don't provide wet food.

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my cats have always had dry food available, in large quantities, 24/7/365. this has NOT kept them from sitting on my head at 5 am.

he's absolutely correct about getting the design details right, whatever the project is.