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Austerity kills


Europe's financial crisis is costing lives, with suicides and infectious diseases on the rise, yet [that is, "and"] politicians are not addressing the problem, health experts said on Wednesday.

Deep budget cuts and growing unemployment are tipping more people into depression, and falling incomes mean fewer people can see their doctors or afford to buy medicines.

The result has been a reversal since 2007 of a long-term decline in suicide rates, coupled with worrying outbreaks of diseases including HIV - and even malaria - in Greece, according to an major analysis of European health in The Lancet journal.

Countering these threats requires strong social protection schemes, researchers argue. But the austerity measures imposed after a string of crises in southern Europe - most recently in Cyprus - has shredded such safety nets.

"There is a clear problem of denial of the health effects of the crisis, even though they are very apparent," said lead researcher Martin McKee of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, a group backed by the World Health Organisation.

The eternal question: Are the elite stupid and/or evil?

Most days, I think "stupid." After all, they are stupid. But more and more days I'm thinking evil. I doubt very much that they see anybody other than their kin and cohorts as anything other than untermenschen, "life unworthy of life."

I mean, Athens is physically connected to Europe in all sorts of ways: In a matter of hours, you can be cross from Greece into the rest of Europe by air, rail, bus, or even by sea -- all forms of transport that involve large crowds in small, confined spaces with recirculated air. And yet, the EU is turning Greece into a sinkhole of infectious disease.* What's wrong with that picture? Unless you're engineering a die-off, of course. Then it's Mission Accomplished!

NOTE * Note that the wealthy will not escape, unless all of the staff at the five-star hotels wear masks. And wouldn't that harsh the mellow?

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"Unless you're engineering a die-off"
I'm going to go with "evil" here, lambert. Even if they're not directly engineering a die off, if (as they obviously do) they can see it coming and simply allow it to happen, it's kind of the same thing. It's a happy accident (for the elite) that fits quite nicely with their desires for depopulation.