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Austerity Clusterfuck: Ireland Tells Unemployed to Leave Ireland

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The Irish Government is desperate to meet the terms of its austerity "bailout" from the European Bankster Rulers. To cut down on welfare costs -- and trim its balance sheet to please its Austerity Masters -- it has sent letters to 6,000 unemployed persons suggesting they leave Ireland to get jobs elsewhere. One person was told about a bus-driver job in Malta.

Coming soon to a Detroit or New York or LA or Chicago near you? I'm sure Mayor Dis-Elect Bloomberg would be on board except the alternate job info.

Should the Dis-Employed and Underemployed and Unemployed expect a Greyhound bus ticket or a one-way air ticket to Bangladesh in the mail?

UPDATE ANALOGY: Maybe Obama will announce that anybody who was not able to "GET COVERED" under ObamaCare by January 1, 2014, should just go to Canada and GET COVERED IN CANADA. Bwa ha ha ha ha.


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Like a second Irish potato famine.