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Audit the Fed? That's for fucking moderates!

Jr Deputy Accountant:

[I]f you think they haven't tossed the bodies in the water by now you're out of your damn mind. The Fed knows as long as it can buy enough time it will weasel its way out of this one way or another and if not, at least they have enough goons to work overtime dissolving bones in vats of acid or whatever it is they've got to do.

Silly rabbit, audits are for kids. If we're going to dismantle the Fed, we're A) going to have to come at them with something scarier than an audit (doesn't Citigroup pass its audits every year? That's what I thought.) and B) next time surprise attack their asses. Seriously? They've had months to bury bodies. Lehman was over a year ago. What's the delay? We're acting as though we're not dealing with a diabolical cabal over here, WTF?

The Fed doesn't need an audit, it needs a good sadistic proctologist and a nice hard spanking. For starters.

Well, er.


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Replace it with a National Bank that can take over its duties of setting interest rates.

This financial clusterfuck is grounds for lowering the ax on the entire United States banking system, including the Federal Reserve. Wipe them out, replace them, strip them of their garments and throw them naked into the streets. For starters.