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Atttention Members of Congress: Mass Healthcare Forum, be there or be square!

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Urge Your Rep. to Attend Mass. Health Reform Forum

National Lessons from State Health Reform: The Massachusetts Case Study
February 25, 2009, 2pm-4pm, 2226 Rayburn House Office Building, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

In the last two decades over a half dozen state-based health reforms have attempted to provide universal health care coverage, and failed. It's clear that new engineering will be needed in the months ahead as the nation looks to rebuild our economy and our healthcare system.

To help with this task, the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care - the national single payer alliance - will host a forum, "National Lessons from State Health Reform: The Massachusetts Case Study", so that we can all consider the nation's most recent state-level health care overhaul. What can we learn from Massachusetts and is it a model for national health policy?

The Massachusetts health care system, widely regarded as an example of how to provide universal coverage and keep costs low, is in fact faltering badly and should not be held up as a national model for reform, according to a study released yesterday by Physicians for a National Health Program and Public Citizen. The study of the Massachusetts model found that the state’s 2006 reforms, instead of reducing costs, have been more expensive than expected. The budget overruns have forced the state to siphon about $150 million from safety net providers, such as public hospitals and community clinics.

A number of spokespeople have tried to make the case that the Massachusetts model is working, but we often do not get to hear of the limitations of the Massachusetts model. This Congressional forum is intended as a way to present a more realistic picture of what is happening in Massachusetts. Whereas the passage of Chapter 58 in Massachusetts is heralded as a political and policy success, close examination of the reform is important before an attempt is made to expand it to the rest of the country. The elements of the reform should be dissected and its strengths and shortfalls measured. This set of panels is necessary to provide a balanced picture to the Congress and the country. Witnesses will represent health centers, insurance brokers, unions, physicians, nurses and patients.

This important and rare Congressional forum! Urge your Congressperson to attend now!


This campaign is targeting members of the US Senate and members of the US House of Representatives.

The campaign ends on Mar 25.

PNHP: Massachusetts is no model for national health care reform
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