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Attorney Proposes Violent Game

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I should explain about 60 minutes and in Reader's Digest this year as a teenager in Alabama, no criminal record, killed two policemen and a dispatcher in the head and fled in a police car - a scenario he repeated for hundreds of hours to take -Two/Rockstar 's video game Grand Theft Auto.

I'm with the boys in jail cells, SA, and their lives on convictions for murder, after she no history of violence that has killed innocent people while he was in a dream state. Said a police officer who investigated how a murder in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was: "The murder as an extension of the game."

The video game industry, through its lawyers, its spokesmen and its head lobbyist, Doug Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, all say it is absurd to suggest that what is in my head child after one hours time, without charge, on day after day, year after year could possibly behavioral consequences. The ads can persuade kids to smoke, but interactive simulators in which children even punch, hack maim, billets and does not contribute to a joke, their attitudes and behaviors, whatever the outcome of the American Psychological Association, published in August 2005.

The video game industry says Sticks and stones May break my bones, but games can hurt me before. Nice. I have a modest proposal for the video game industry. I'll write a check for $ 10,000 U.S. to write the charity of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. President Paul Eibel - man, Bernard Goldberg is regarded as No. 43 in his book "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America - if any company Video Game will create, produce, distribute and sell a video game in 2006 as follows:

Osaki Kim is the father of a schoolboy beaten to death with a baseball bat by a 14-year-old players. The killer obsessively played a violent video game in which one of the favorite methods of killing with a bat. The opening scene, before starting the quiz the courtroom of Los Angeles, where he is sentenced "only sentenced to" life in prison after the judge and jury have heard experts explain the link between gambling and murder.

Osaki Kim (OK) completed the swearing revenge courtroom, the video game industry, which he believes murdered his son helped. "Vengeance is mine, I will repay," he said. And the boy, ö.k. not a joke.

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