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Attn: News Media, we don't care about you

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Clinton campaign denies access to pool reporter

You know what? If Hillary wins in 2016 it will be partly because of this sort of coverage, they more they yammer about access, the more voters will side with Hillary. The Celebrity Press Corps is truly like Versailles courtiers, no notion of how hated they are.

So here is a tip to Dylan Byers and the rest of them, following Hillary around is NOT covering the 2016 election. What is important is not her appearances, but what happens afterwards. So spend some quality time developing Twitter lists of activists in Iowa, NH, SC, and Nevada. Spend some time contacting local Democratic and Republican chairs. Develop a list of local contacts, everything from chamber of commerce to anti-fracking activists. Do it for all 50 states. Talk to these people, exchange email with them. It will give you a MUCH better idea of what is happening than following Hillary around.

TV Hillary is not Real Hillary. The media is not your friend.

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"It really is all about them ...

Update: Notice that they forgot to mention just who it was that was left off the press bus. C&L has the details:

Before Martosko was exiled to The Daily Mail, he was the editor of Tucker Carlson's hack site, the Daily Caller. He set about the work of ratfcking with a purpose there, lying about Senator Robert Menendez and hookers in order to try and knock Menendez out of contention.

More of his resumé, via Mother Jones:

Before Daily Caller Editor in Chief Tucker Carlson hired him in 2011—a controversial choice given Martosko's previous arrests and lack of experience in journalism—Martosko spent a decade working for Richard Berman, a longtime PR operative behind a number of industry-backed campaigns. At Berman and Company, Martosko served as the director of research for the Center for Consumer Freedom, a Berman-run nonprofit that opposes new laws on food and beverages. CCF, which is funded by the food and beverage industry, runs Humane Watch, a website that posts derogatory information about the Humane Society of the United States. Martosko was the site's "founding editor." CCF also operates Activist Cash, a website that compiles biographical information on groups and individuals that engage in "anti-consumer activism."

What a guy."

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So spend some quality time developing Twitter lists of activists in Iowa, NH, SC, and Nevada. Spend some time contacting local Democratic and Republican chairs.

I'm not a political activist, but this sounds like good advice, even if only because it would help the DC press break out of the bubble they've built for themselves. DC isn't like Iowa, which isn't like New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Oregon, or lots of other places. It would be nice if the folks who comment on what's happening in politics understood how heterogeneous this country is, or how little we outside the beltway care about the things that seem to occupy their minds.

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It's funny watching the press whine about lack of access making it impossible for them to do access journalism.

Of course, if the Clinton campaign gets them so riled up they start doing actual reporting, that may end up being a strategic (even) mistake.