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Atriots at the shallow end of the pool

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Jay Ackroyd

What would it take to get you to bail on the pres. line on your ballot? What could Team Dem line up on that would lead you to say "Fuck, no!"? I'd say something like reproductive rights, but the Senate Majority Leader is anti-choice.

I can't say anything related to "national security" because "Yay! Dead bin Laden" and the only people the drones kill are terrorists, and no, we're not gonna tell you who we killed because the fact we killed them is doubledownsecret, so STFU and get in line.

All we got is the New Deal social insurance systems, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (which is the backstop when they cash out your house to pay for the nursing home) and Unemployment Insurance. So maybe a good question to ask your elected officials running for office is whether reduction in these programs is off the table--despite Bowles-Simpson, and Dancin' Dave slavering after "pain."

This is the most open experssion of discontent I have seen on a high traffic lefty blog. It is a good sign. People are waking up.

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