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Atlantic: "Do We Really Care if Bill Clinton Posed with Porn Stars?"

No. By which I mean, "No, we don't, you stupid Fucks." Now, if Clinton posed with investment bankers, that would be different.

Oh, wait....

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And it was at a benefit shindig for a couple of foundations, including his own W. Clinton Foundation. Probably lots of folks wanted pics w/him. That article actually raises a salient point:

"But perhaps the funniest, and not really funny haha thing, to point out is the general reaction to this photo—laughs, virtual pats on the back, etc. etc.—versus reaction to recent ones of Hillary drinking beer in Cartagena, or, even more recent than that, photos of her not wearing makeup while working. For both of those photos she was taken to task; people were outraged in various ways, calling her ugly, irresponsible, a shame to her job and womanhood. Let us not ask, therefore, what Hillary will think (OH NO, do we actually think this is a surprise to the Secretary of State?) about this photo, but what Hillary thinks about the double standard that means that her not wearing several layers of makeup at all times, and maybe, occasionally, a scrunchie, gets more censure and outrage than this photo of her husband with porn stars."