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At NYU Faculty Pushes Back v. Oligarch President

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On Friday, faculty at NYU's School of Arts and Sciences voted in support of resolution of no-confidence against NYU President (and Peter Pinguid Society member in good standing) John Sexton. NYU was the place where Jack Lew (now at US Treasury) busted the efforts to unionize faculty, and received lots of money for real estate and stuff before heading over to Citibank, where he got lots more money for doing on ne sait quoi. Sexton himself apparently also has been raking in NYU bucks as student tuition (and debt) skyrocket, and whilst faculty has been diminished to a temp workforce with low pay and poor or no benefits. Sexton is also the Commander in Chief of NYU's imperial expansion to Dubai and many other places all over the map, and NYU's Asset Looting expansion within New York City.