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As Thousands Mourn Netanyahu Escalates Ethnic Cleansing

Was there ethnic hatred at the bottom of the deaths of three innocent Israeli teens recently? A good chance of that.

Is that an excuse for ethnic hatred or politically and militarily empowered acts of mass murder or incarceration, the unleashing of even more of a vendetta program to perpetrate “ethnic cleansing” against an entire Palestinian population? Also a most convenient excuse at the same time to destroy the recent efforts for empowerment and social justice for Palestinians under a hyper-oppressive occupying Israeli governance?

These are perfect excuses for Netanhayu and so many of his Israeli cheerleaders and accessories to mass murder, torture, detention and ethnic cleansing!

James Cogan in “Israeli government prepares onslaught against Palestinian people” explains the present tragic as well as volatile situation:

Tens of thousands of people across Israel and internationally assembled yesterday to mourn the three teenagers whose bodies were discovered on Monday in a shallow grave not far from where they disappeared on June 12. Eyal Yifrah, 19, and Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaer, both 16, were kidnapped and murdered as they hitchhiked back from a religious school in Kfar Etzion, one of the illegal Israeli settlements in the Gush Etzion region of the Palestinian West Bank territory.

The Israeli regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has seized on the tragic death of the young men as the pretext for escalating its aggression against the Palestinian people and strengthening Israel’s grip on the occupied territories. The Israeli government has declared that the Islamist party Hamas is responsible for the murders, without providing any evidence to substantiate the charge, which is denied by Hamas.


In operations last night, a 19-year-old Palestinian, Yousouf Ibrahim, was shot dead by Israeli troops during raids in the Jenin refugee camp, in the north of the West Bank. Israeli authorities stated he had thrown a grenade. Witnesses cited by Al Jazeera denied the allegation, accusing Israeli forces of gunning him down as he and a friend were walking home. He was carrying a box of eggs.

Many more Palestinians and Israelis, young and old, may well lose their lives in the coming days and weeks. Among the measures Netanyahu is reportedly contemplating are wholesale targeted assassinations, the first deployment of Israeli troops into Gaza since early 2009, demands that Abbas repudiate the unity agreement with Hamas, and the announcement of the permanent military occupation of the West Bank.

According to the New York Times, Israeli police have extracted an emergency call recorded on the day the youths disappeared. One of the youths related that he was kidnapped. Another yelled out in the background and in Hebrew the words “Head down!” and then a gunshot was heard.

There were separate funeral services held by the families of the three boys and a joint burial at the Modi’in Cemetery.


Among the thousands who attended the funerals was Netanyahu, who delivered a eulogy to the slain teenagers. Within hours, he was fronting the media to issue blood-curdling threats of vengeance against Hamas.

For once the US State Department is holding back from “fully” endorsing Netanyahu’s accusation against Hamas. No evidence has been presented.

Netanyahu is making unsubstantiated and blanket accusations against the entire Hamas organization and is willing to unleash vengeful and disproportionate violence against thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Israeli authorities have raided thousands of homes and “dragged off and imprisoned” approximately 600 “alleged” Hamas members or supporters. Six people have been killed and 120 wounded.

On early Tuesday morning the homes of two West Bank Hamas members were blown up by Israeli troops. The two members have been accused -- again, without evidence -- of involvement in the tragic kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli youth.

In Gaza Israeli jets carried out approximately 40 air strikes since the bodies of the three youths were found.

President Mahmoud Abbas of The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has been collaborating with the Israeli forces and issuing what Cogan labels as “token condemnations of the scale of the repression.”

According to Cogan, Netanyahu is eager to destroy any chance of Hamas and Fatah coming together for a “national unity” government over the West Bank (controlled by Fatah) and the Gaza Strip (controlled by Hamas). The prevention of this would reduce the chances of the Palestinian Authority being recognized as a “nation-state” and joining the UN as a member.

Cogan writes:

Netanyahu’s Likud party, along with much of the Israeli political establishment, formally accepts a so-called “two-state solution,” but is virulently opposed to losing control over the territories that Israel seized and occupied in the 1967 war.

In April, an alarmed Netanyahu seized upon the beginning of talks between Fatah and Hamas to reject any further negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, on the grounds that Hamas was a “terrorist organisation.” The Obama administration, however, signalled that it was prepared to work with the unity government.

The Israeli ruling elite now sees an opportunity to reverse what it feared were moves in Washington toward recognising Palestine. The US and other major powers are focussed on the tensions with Russia over Ukraine and the chaos wracking the Middle East, with the civil wars in Syria and Iraq threatening to draw the neighbouring Arab states and Iran into a regional war.

The disappearance of the three teenagers this month, and now the confirmation that they were murdered, is being used to whip up nationalist and anti-Arab sentiment in Israel and justify yet another barbaric war against the Palestinian people.

According to Cogan on Tuesday night Netanyahu after a security cabinet meeting outlined to the media three objectives he and his administration have set out: 1) “to find the killers and kidnappers of the youth”; 2) “to weaken Hamas’s infrastructure and manpower in the West Bank”; and 3) “to conduct operations against it in Gaza.”


In a chilling comment to journalists as the cabinet session was underway, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi remarked: “I don’t know how many leaders of Hamas will remain alive after tonight.”

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman issued a statement calling for an operation in the West Bank and Gaza on the scale of the 2002 “Defensive Shield” onslaught, during which tens of thousands of Israeli troops rampaged through the occupied territories, destroying the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, killing close to 500 people, wounding over 1,400, and detaining at least 7,000.

Cogan also reveals that an Israeli mob decided to take vengeance against all Palestinians into its own hands and rioted in Jerusalem. They attacked Arabs and their property. The marchers chanted “Revenge” and “Kahane was right.” Cogan explains that Meir Kahane was a right-wing demagogue, assassinated in 1990. He had championed a “Greater Israel” cleansed of all Arabs.

Cogan describes a quick and vengeful “illegal settlement”:

The Times of Israel reported that in the Gush Etzion region a group of Zionist settlers exploited the deaths to declare the establishment of yet another illegal Israeli settlement, cynically naming it Givat Oz Ga-on—which in Hebrew characters forms an acronym of Gilad, Eyal and Naftali.

Three innocent youths were murdered. Subsequently vengeful mass murders and mass suffering on Palestinians will ensue because of these murders.

Netanyahu will not support real social justice. Nor will his followers. The United States will continue to reward his administration with monetary and military support for their co-imperialism agenda, as well as because of powerful Israeli lobbying domestically.

It is said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It would seem EVIL is doing the same thing over and over to deliberately protect the status of evil.

As for our US, again, it easily and generously enables governments carrying out ethnic cleansing such as Egypt, Ukraine and, of course, Israel.

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...Israel has killed hundreds of Palestinian children. And disgusting as the three teen deaths are; the Israeli leaders are monsters of the lowest order.
The day is coming when the piper must be paid...