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As I See It: "Kabuki Theater" Defines Our Politics

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Kabuki Theatre
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I admit that I'm "at wits' end." You see, I'm sick of propaganda.

After all, day after day the MSM and Cable TV routinely espouse outrageous misrepresentations (and sometimes even downright lies), yet many of our fellow citizens appear to be absolutely oblivious to this fact.

Admittedly, I didn't realize how bad it was until the so-called health care reform debate took place. And just like US elections, it was portrayed almost exclusively in terms of Dems vs Repubs, or "he said, she said."

After my Google Alert delivered to my inbox, hundreds, if not thousands of emails pertaining to health care reform, I finally realized that the American people (myself included) were being gamed. Something was definitely not right.

I recall receiving a few emails so promising and hopeful that I "fist pumped the air," thinking that a public option was just around the corner. These emails boasted of lawmakers "standing up for the American people by supporting a public option." Problem was, only weeks later the same lawmakers would sign another letter in direct contradiction to the previous one.

This pattern repeated itself over and over. I guess you could say that a skeptic was born. Now, more than ever, I understand why "ignorance is bliss."

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of links that you may find interesting.

This link is to Len Nichols' (New America Foundation) "mini public option" plan, which from what I gather, was the basis of the public option plan endorsed by some Democrats. The scale of size is very similar to the one mentioned in the Sullivan article.

Looking for this article, I stumbled across a Morning Joe video with Anthony Weiner (NY) endorsing a public option plan. Certainly I didn't condone his behavior the next year, but was a bit taken aback by the immediate all out assault and repudiation of him by Democrats (compared to Bill Clinton's treatment). Have to wonder if his strong support of a real public option, had something to do with it.

Here's the Morning Joe segment entitled, "Some Democrats Are Fighting For The Public Option.":

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