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"As A Effigy For Christians"

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Teenager's presentation, during which he rips pages from a Bible, is called a "Threat" by "Christian" classmate. Teen suspended for evaluation. Classmate's father takes his children out of "unsafe" school.

Community incensed. Read the comments at the link for an insight into the thinking of many, many persons regarding the supremacy of religious icons -- as long as they're the correct religious icons -- over not just first amendment rights but personal freedom of thought and expression as well.

The male student who tore the book remains unidentified, and was apparently cleared to return to school; but vocally complaining classmate Elle Jacobsen got face time on local TV, as did her dad:
Paul Jacobson is Elle's father. Paul pulled both his daughters out of Parker 9 days ago. He wants the district to convince him this incident was not a precursor to another school shooting. "This boy has done something that is unbalanced, violent in my opinion. He tore that Bible apart as a effigy for Christians. This was not some kind of a demonstration about free speech, this was in my opinion the words of a sociopath."

So, there you have it. A high school student demonstrates that the tearing of paper printed with words is not an immediate signal to supernatural deities to rain down fire and immolate him ... and as a direct result, the persecution complex kicks in amongst "true believers," who take their children out of the local public school (where, no doubt, they received such "satanic" teachings as evolution and the theory of direct observation) to "protect" them from ... seeing printed pages torn.

Now, as a lover of books, I don't particularly think the youngster's demonstration was warranted; but as a lover of demonstrations, I can see how the teacher chose to give the youngster a B.

But, as a parent, WTF is this Paul guy on about? Sociopath?

How scared has Bush made our nation?

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Surely that's what Leviticus would recommend?

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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This is too funny. I wonder if these same people would be so upset if a kid desecrated a Quran as part of a school speech. I suspect they would cheer it on. And how does tearing pages from a bible make one a terrorist or a probable school shooter? I would suggest the kid call the ACLU and start a suit against the school for suspending him and sending him for psychological evaluation.

School shootings notwithstanding, since every major incidence of domestic terrorism was undertaken by right wing individuals, usually with a Christian fundamentalist bent, since Waco, Oklahoma City, Michigan Militia etc, etc were all perpetrated by Christians or individuals with right wing politics, should he really be worried that someone who is anti-Christian is dangerous?

I think the only thing likely to get hurt is that book he tore up.