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Arthur hanging in there

Good. He's got email -- and a PayPal button.

I'm thinking sending either would be welcome to him. He's another guy the "Blog and Grow Rich" concept didn't work out well for....

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Submitted by SOScrewed on

He's one of the most important progressive bloggers on the web and he's dying from poverty and no health insurance. I wish he'd put up ads on his blog to earn more money but I'm glad that there are readers out there helping him with his finances. Some of the access bloggers should send in a big, fat donation right now. Arthur really needs it.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

A few choices from his Amazon Wish List wouldn't hurt, either. Although I know that cash is more important right now - hey, if you can afford it, do both!

Consider making Arthur a monthly reminder - he needs continuing help and hates to have to always ask for it.