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Arianna Huffington

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Can we just call her Princess 1%?

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those reporters are probably thinking that if they do a good enough job they might get a paying assignment. Hahahahahahaha!! Wouldn't it be fun to see the statistics on how often that happened?

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HuffPo really started going downhill once they started using promoting articles based on their popularity and hit rate, not content. It's like they applied a neo-liberal "Let's let the market decide!!" approach to journalism, which absolutely killed TV (and people wonder why TV ratings keep falling)

All of a sudden, every front page article is either about sex (VIDEO: Katy Perry's Cleavage in a Bikini) or violence. Usually sex.

After the AOL merger, it's gotten horrendously worse. Her shameless promotion of that joke called Politifact makes it even more tragic. All for fame and money.

She's Princess 1% alright...