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Are you shitting me, DNC?

Who came up with this idea? Fucking Donna Brazile?

Democratic sources tell The Page the Land of Lincolner* and DNC plan to file a joint fundraising agreement soon that will allow donors to give simultaneously to his campaign and the national party.

Sure, it's Mark Halperin. So it could be a trial balloon, or disinformation.

But if this goes through, it's a real "My Party left me" moment. Could we, please, DNC, maintain some semblance of neutrality, instead of setting up a cross-marketing deal with one of the Presidential candidates? 'Causue that's a big "Fuck you" to about half the Dem voters.

NOTE By which is meant Obama, and not, say, Adlai Stevenson who, last I checked, was dead. Via The Confluence.

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A little more detail from Chris Cillizza -

Notice that the DNC was meeting weeks ago with Obama and is only now meeting with Clinton. My take is that until Pennsylvania, they thought Obama had this locked down and began meeting with him to plan for the general. Now, they're less sure Obama's going to be the nominee and are also meeting with Clinton to cover their bases.

So there may be hope yet.

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"the $5.3 million the committee showed on hand at the end of March.

That dearth of cash has led many Democratic strategists to worry that the DNC can't possibly keep up its anti-McCain messaging in ads until a nominee is selected."

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(I know you hate it when I use those words but this time, really, it is OK.)

This is just SOP. McCain has already done the same deal with the RNC (check that link for attacks on Obama over taxes - just a taste of the general campaign) and Hillary will do the same when she can afford it. Right now she needs every dime she can scrape up.

This deal doesn't get Obama anything with Dean or the DNC, it is just what he is expected to do. That he's willing to do it suggests that he's not about to risk stiffing the DNC at this point which he could do by claiming he needs all the cash to beat Hillary, suggesting he isn't at all sure about the rest of the Super-D's. Neither does it get him anything with undecided voters, too arcane.

So: some cash moves into DNC hands, Obama has less money, and no sweat for Hillary; to my eyes, a positive trifecta.

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And Clinton was approached, too. But she's been cash strapped. And I think she is making contingent in her agreement that FL & MI must be settled before the nomination is complete, even if it must be in the committee at the convention.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!