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Are all Republicans thieves and criminals, or only some of them?

It makes sense that the guy who devised Reagan's budget policies gets indicted for fraud:

David Stockman, a former top budget official in the Reagan White House, and three other people were charged Monday in an alleged securities fraud case that embroiled one of North America's largest auto parts companies before it collapsed into bankruptcy.

According to court papers, Stockman responded to a financial crisis at the company in 2005 by directing it to delay paying its bills as long as possible.

Just like Republican budgets!

Meanwhile, Stockman allowed the company's employees to mislead creditors about the company's revenues and the ability of Collins & Aikman to pay its bills, prosecutors said.

Just like Republican budgets!

The indictment also accused Stockman of misleading investors, saying he wanted to hide his own and other senior management's involvement in a fraudulent scheme to skew the company's accounting to hide its troubles.

Just like Republican budgets!

The people who say that there's really been one Republican administration from Nixon to this day are right: Same cast of characters, same methods, same mess to clean up.

But this time, we need to make sure that the Republicans are thoroughly and completely repudiated, and that the conservative brand is completely devalued, so they don't "rise again."

Kleig lights are the best disinfectant.

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So David Stockman is a liar and a fraud. What else is new? Maybe this is the real trickle-down theory at work: What goes around comes around. Whatever it is, it is certainly poetic justice. It’s too bad they couldn’t indict the guy for the economic fraud he and Arthur Laffer perpetuated on the American people 25 years ago.